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The SCDI Twin Transition Initiative

As part of the Wallenberg Digital Innovation Program, SCDI is now expanding its research in the intersection of digital- and sustainable transformation.


Latest posts

  • SCDI joins e-förvaltningsdagarna
    SCDI participated with a keynote and panel on the merits of collective digital transformation to address the challenges currently facing the public sector. In the seminar, we discussed concrete examples of collective digital transformation currently unfolding in Sweden, and how these may form the basis for a new operating model.
  • Seminar on collective digital transformation
    SCDI participated in a seminar organized by SKR on collective digital transformation as a promising avenue for addressing the current challenges in society. The seminar attracted over 200 participants and involved individuals from the Executive doctoral school within the Digital Government Research Consortium and senior scholars from SCDI.
  • Major funding for Twin Transition
    SCDI has received a major grant from Vinnova to coordinate Sweden’s largest initiative on twin transition. The initiative will involve a wide set of external partners and has an initial budget of €4M. For additional information, see here.

In the spotlight

Olgerta Tona

Olgerta was born and grew up in Korça, a nice city situated in the southeast of Albania. She lived for several years in Tirana, where she graduated from the University of Tirana with a Bachelor in Business Informatics. She is now living and working in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Olgerta Tona recently received the Börje Langefors award for best doctoral dissertation in Information Systems


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