Frontiers in Digital Innovation Research

This Ph.D. course offers an overview of contemporary research in the area of digital innovation. In particular, it showcases a range of theories and approaches that researchers can employ to study the many complex phenomena associated with digital innovation. A range of focus areas are discussed in relation to selected readings and illustrated by SCDI research projects. The course is divided into four phases, including both online and offline sessions. We will run the offline sessions in Riksgränsen – an internationally renowned ski resort in the very northern parts of Sweden March 18-22.

For additional information, please see the course syllabus.

During the course, the students will interact with a plethora of leading researchers within the field of digital innovation. At present, the lineup of researchers participating include:

Lisen Selander (University of Gothenburg), Anna Essén (Stockholm School of Economics), Ola Henfridsson (University of Miami), Fredrik Svahn (University of Gothenburg), Elmira van den Broek (Stockholm School of Economics), Robert Davison (City University of Hong Kong), Johan Sandberg (Umeå University), Michael Barrett (Cambridge University), Olgerta Tona (University of Gothenburg), Anna Brattström (Lund University), Jonny Holmström (Umeå University), Johan Magnusson (University of Gothenburg), Daniel Nylén (Umeå University), Juho Lindman (University of Gothenburg), Daniel Skog(Umeå University) and Charlotta Kronblad (University of Gothenburg).

Additional guests are sure to tag along for the ride, but more information on this will follow!

If you are interested in participating in the course, please apply before December 15th.

The course is free of tuition and admission will include full room-and-board at Riksgränsen.

For additional information, please contact the course leader through email.

Johan Magnusson (, University of Gothenburg

Johan Sandberg, Umeå University

Anna Essén, Stockholm School of Economics