The Swedish Center for Digital Innovation (SCDI) hosts the Wallenberg Digital Innovation Program (WDIP). The program is designed to increase the impact of high-level research in digital innovation and transformation, enhancing the digital capabilities of primarily Swedish organizations.

During 2021, the program has afforded SCDI to instigate a Post-doc initiative. The initiative involves nine new post-docs evenly distributed between the different nodes of SCDI. The objective is to increase the integrative capabilities of SCDI and enhance synergies between the excellent research conducted in each node.

The program is executed in close collaboration with Rise, Research Institutes of Sweden, through activities related to outreach and increased scholarly excellence.

As a first initiative, we created SCDI Wallenberg seminar series. The seminars invites international leaders within research to share recent findings to both industry and academia. In parallel with this, we are also spearheading a series of conferences aimed at closing the gap between research and practice, as well as taking further steps in optimizing research utilization through digital innovation.

research themes in focus

  • Digital transformation: Digital transformation processes and practices in incumbent firms, disruptive transformation of ecosystems and industries, platform-based ecosystems, etc.
  • Digital government: digitalization of the public sector, open government, transformation of public services, digital healthcare, etc.
  • Business consequences of AI and advanced analytics: implications of AI for strategy, decision-making and organizing, algorithmic work, etc.


As part of the Wallenberg Digital Innovation Program, SCDI organizes a series of thought-leader seminars. In this series, we invite speakers who are at the very fore-front of academic excellence to share their ideas and engage in a fruitful discussion with the audience.

WDIP Digital Government SEMINAR

As part of the Wallenberg Digital Innovation Program, SCDI organizes a seminar series for enhancing digital government. In the seminars, recent research findings from our clinical research are presented and discussed. The organizations in focus also present how the research has resulted in changes in practice. The seminars are open to all, and focused on solutions for practice from research.

    The Swedish Center for Digital Innovation is a joint-university initiative between the University of Gothenburg, Stockholm School of Economics and Umeå University.

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