Blockchain Lab

We find novel solutions to global challenges through Blockchain solutions.

Blockchain LAB (BLAB) is a creative environment that affords researchers and students involved with SCDI to work with blockchain solutions in their studies and research.

BLAB is directed by Dr. Juho Lindman (, and facilitates learning, playing and acting in relation to blockchain. On the basis of this, our mission is:

Learn… an environment that that facilitates learning through courses, modules and keynotes for industry and academia alike.

Do …an environment that secures the societal impact of research and education

Play …an environment that facilitates curated and open experiments for researchers, students and industry 

BLAB Mission

In executing the mission, we work with three types of activities.


  • Learning outcomes Increased competence, new knowledge
  • Learning resources: Courses, modules and keynotes


  • Doing outcomesApplications and grants, new constellations, commercialized innovation, tech transfer
  • Doing resourcesCoaching, networking, collaboration


  • Playing outcomesPOC, increased competence, new knowledge
  • Playing resourcesExercises, coaching, technology