Virtual course on tracing apps

Virtual doctoral research seminar on Use, design data and privacy issues brought together 10 selected doctoral candidates from the different Nordic countries and beyond. During the course the participants reviewed current and emerging information systems research regarding Covid-19 contact tracing applications. Participants developed paper outlines, research plans and grant proposals based on the recent research.
The course was organized in a format, where there were virtual introductory classes, development clinics and plan presentations. Introductory session included pre-readings of the prerequisite reading package.
Course was supported by Nordic Academy of Management through their Covid-19 crisis initiative. Course was organized by Professor Matti Rossi (Aalto University) and Associate Professor Juho Lindman (University of Gothenburg). Host institution of the course was Aalto University School of Business. SCDI supported the initiative.
Expert lectures were given by Reader Edgar Whitley (LSE) and Associate Professor Silvia Masiero (University of Oslo).
The groupworks that were carried out during the course were the following:
Group 1 members: Aleksi Kopponen, Elena Mazurova,  and Magnus Eriksson
Title: Tracing App Governance
Group 2 members: Yanqing Lin and My Zetterholm
Title: Individual Attitudes towards Digital Contact Tracing Applications: A Scoping Review
Group 3 members: Rasheed Alabi, Jiang Yuting, and Juho Vaiste
Title: Improving the Existing Contact Tracing App Using Artificial Intelligence
Please contact the organisers or the candidates directly for more information.