Daniel Skog wins the Börje Langefors award

The Swedish Information Systems Academy (SISA) has announced that this year’s Börje Langefors award for best dissertation in the field of information systems goes to SCDI member Daniel Skog. His dissertation entitled The Dynamics of Digital Transformation brings clarity to the concept of digital transformation and explains how it may be understood and studied in research, but also how it may be operationalized by organizations in practice. The award was given with the following motivation:

“The dissertation addresses a relevant and timely theme at the heart of the information systems discipline, namely digital transformation. Based on solid empirical research from a rich source of primary and secondary data, the thesis provides a coherent argument for how the dynamics of digital transformation can be understood and conceptualized, and does it in a way that increases our understanding for how organizational change is driven by digital innovation, inside and outside of organizational boundaries. The main contribution, the digital transformation framework, builds on a well described and motivated theoretical foundation with challenging implications for both research and practice.”