HICSS conference 2020 – SCDI best paper nominees

In January, the 53rd Hawaiian International Conferences of System Science was held at Grand Wailea Maui where SCDI was fortunate to receive three best paper nominations. In total, SCDI was represented with 7 paper contributions:

Digital and Conventional Matchmaking – Similarities, Differences and Tensions | Frida Ivarsson, Fredrik Svahn |
Best paper nominee in Organizational Systems and Technology Track

Cycles of Innovation and Alignment in Digital Transformation: Investigating the Dynamics of Resource Recombination in a Construction Firm | Oscar Lundberg, Johan Sandberg, Daniel Nylén |
Best paper nominee in Internet and the Digital Economy Track

Mapping the Evolving Intellectual Structure of Digital Innovation Research on the Public Sector: A Document Co-citation Analysis | Hugo Hedlund |
Best paper nominee in the Digital Government Track

Ambidextrous IT Governance Enactment in Healthcare: A Comparison between the Swedish and Ugandan Setting | Michael Kizito

Here, there, but not everywhere: Adoption and Diffusion of IoT in Swedish Municipalities | Ted Saarikko, Ulrika Westergren, Katrin Jonsson

Framing Crisis Information Systems: The Case of WIS | Ted Saarikko, Urban Nuldén, Pär Meiling, Kalevi Pessi

Patterns of Resource Integration in the Self-service Approach to Business Analytics | Imad Bani-hani, Olgerta Tona, Sven Carlsson