Construction industry digitalization

The Infra-Botnia project, which is ran by Daniel Nylén and Oscar Lundberg from SCDI organized two seminars at the Load Up North industry exhibition at Nolia congress center, Umeå. One of the seminars focused on challenges and opportunities faced by SME’s in the construction industry seeking to capture value from digitalization. During the seminar, Robin Wallenius a leading entrepreneur in the sector was interviewed by Annakarin Nyberg about his learnings from digitalizing his firm. The interview was followed by a panel in which SCDI faculty member Ulrika H. Westergren, and Kjell Owe Ahlskog (CEO of Finnish start-up Linqit) participated.

Infra-Botnia is a project in the Interreg Botnia Atlantica programme and is managed by Umeå University together with Novia University of Applied Sciences (Vasa, Finland)