Urban Twin Transition Center

We support the twin transition of Swedish cities.

To achieve the goals set forth in Swedish cities net-zero climate agreements  (Climate Neutral Cities 2030), there is a need for swiftly scaling currently available net-zero solutions. The international market for net-zero solutions is growing fast, yet there are still significant hurdles to mainstream adoption. Research attributes the lack of scaling of net-zero solutions to two factors: 1) lagging digital transformation and 2) low trust and high search costs and risks in cities implementation of net-zero solutions.

UTTC will facilitate the scaling of net-zero solutions with proven sustainability impact through collecting and sharing best-practices and offering direct support to cities. This will involve creating a digital platform for collaboration between stakeholders, equipped with real-time measurement of impact metrics, customized best practices, and actionable specifications. UTTC will function as a practical support function for assuring urban twin transition in Sweden. UTTC will through this assure the compliance of climate agreements in Swedish cities and strengthen Sweden’s position as a market leader in the net-zero industry.

UTTC engages climate-leading municipalities both directly and indirectly through existing collaborations such as Viable Cities and Electricity, as well as leading expertise from infrastructure (The Swedish Internet Foundation), academia (The Swedish Center for Digital Innovation), research institutes (Rise Smart City Lab) and vendors (Tech Sverige). The project is managed by the Swedish Center for Digital Innovation at the University of Gothenburg and the Swedish Internet Foundation.

For additional information, please reach out to Professor Johan Magnusson at SCDI or Daniel Dersén at the Swedish Internet Foundation.