Anna af Hällström

Anna af Hällström is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Applied IT at the University of Gothenburg. She earned her PhD at Chalmers University of Technology in 2023. Her research interests include urban planning and development, project management, and the twin transition of digitalization and sustainability in the public sphere. Her current research project focuses on the twin transition in urban areas and how digitalization can support the sustainability transition needed for Sweden and the European Union to reach net-zero targets. She is also studying megaprojects and their organisation in the construction sector, how citizen knowledge is used in political decision-making, and the use of design thinking in urban planning.

Her teaching activities include lecturing within the topics of research methods, sustainable transportation, public procurement, and project management. She has also supervised a number of bachelor and masters’ theses.

Anna’s research has appeared in academic journals such as Construction Management and Economics, International Journal of Project Management, and Project Leadership and Society. She regularly presents her research at multidisciplinary and cross-sectional conferences including Academy of Management, European Academy of Management, and the Association of Researchers in Construction Management.

Anna has previously worked in the architecture and construction industry, as well as in urban planning.