Anna Essén

I am committed to the study of how digital technology is shaped by and shapes what individuals, organizations and societies focus their attention, find worthwhile to aim for, and feel capable of achieving. Current projects concern the co-evolution of digital infrastructures, organizational relationships, and institutions, including longitudinal studies of digital innovations driven by tech-entrepreneurs, patient networks and professional organizations in healthcare. These studies cover topics such as how the opaqueness of algorithms may extent patient voice, public display but ignorance of performance data, and global homogenization of digital health accounts. Other projects concern the emergence of cross-sectorial collaborations in relation to smart cities.

I run workshops in the areas above and I supervise master and doctoral students in management and organization at Stockholm School of Economics and in health policy and management at Karolinska Institutet. I also teach organising, service operations, and digital transformation at the Stockholm School of Economics. For additional information, see here.

See publications at Contact me for info about work in progress!