Call for Research Project Partners

We enhance digital capabilities of the public and private sectors through excellent research. Our research contributes to Twin Transition – a core principle of sustainable transformation.

Relevant Research Labs

Blockchain Lab

Understand and implement emergent technologies, such as blockchain

Portfolio of case studies of Blockchain implementations and evaluations

See our recent OECD report: The Uncertain Promise of Blockchain for Government

Analytics lab

Get insights from large datasets, structured and unstructured: from dashboards to machine learning 

Analytics as research methods and a prototyping tool

See our recent report based on millions of records: Digital Waves of Competence Demand 

AI Business Lab

Artificial intelligence offers magnificent opportunities to business. As part in meeting the need for exploration, SCDIs AI Business Lab is a place where businesses can work with researchers on practical AI issues.

Example funding calls

Ongoing and Past Projects

Priority Work Packages we could Lead

  • Emerging Tech (e.g. Blockchain, AI, LLMs)
    • Tasks n.n.: Developing framework for emerging technology in the public sector; Conducting pilot evaluation; Planning and validating successful projects; Implementing and evaluating prototypes; Organization of co-design workshops and activities.
  • Analytics
    • Tasks n.n.: Using Machine Learning and Computation for data analysis; Assessing skills for digitalization and data-intensive work; Developing prototypes for interacting with large data structures; Visualizing data of complex phenomena; Leveraging computational analysis to study organizational transformation; Implementing data governance; Evaluating and supporting open data initiatives;
  • Reporting and communication for impact
    • Developing and analyzing policy
    • State-of-the-art reporting
    • Disseminating best practices among practitioners in the industry and public sector

Academic Work package

  • Project leadership for academic and other work packages from numerous EU-funded research projects (e.g. Interreg, ITEA, Nordforsk)
    • Research design and planning
    • Funding coordination and consortium building
    • Orchestration of project partners, including academic institutions and public sector actors
    • Engaging educational programs in research activities: students, group projects, executive programs, thesis/dissertation work.
  • Scaling impact from research deliverables: 85% of recommendations followed by the research partners

Thank you and contacts

Professor Juho Lindman


Vasili Mankevich, PhD