Digital Government Research Consortium

The DGRC is an initiative designed to support the digital transformation of government in Sweden. Through commissioned, clinical research we lay the foundation for an increased understanding of what needs to be done and how it needs to be done, driving direct positive impact in practice.  

The research has been ongoing since 2018, and through a programmatic approach we strive for use and reuse of the rich data we have collected to solve new challenges. At present, the data collected includes over 300 interviews and more than 30 000 survey responses.

We do four things really, really well:

  1. Clinical research: We create custom research teams to solve issues raised by practice. The research results in a report for the client organization, and academic publishing is done in parallel.
  2. Tools: We create digital tools where the methods devised in clinical research are materialized. These tools are distributed to public sector organizations on a pay-per-use basis, funneling funds and data back to research on the side of having a direct impact on practice.
  3. Executive education: We host a wide variety of courses, both custom and open designed for executives and leaders in the public sector.
  4. PhD education: We host Sweden’s largest PhD School for public sector digital transformation. 12 industry PhDs currently work to solve their organizations’ and society’s challenges.

With the main target of the research consortium being to impact Swedish practice, all communication (aside from the academic publishing) is done in Swedish through the popular site